A new way to play

Hybrid Play transforms playgrounds into video games


Play outdoors

Enjoy playing out in the sun. Hybrid Play is the perfect intersection between digital video games and outdoors activities.

Transform the city

Hybrid Play transform any playground into a video game scenario. Enjoy the city in a totally new way by playing your favourite games outdoors.

Focused on social play

Created for children of 6-12 years, Hybrid Play promotes communication, collaboration and group-play between children and parents.

Easy to use

Install the app in your smartphone, pair it with the Hybrid Play sensor and start the fun!. Compatible with iOS and Android phones and tablets.

Design your own games

Create games easily and intuitively with Gamesonomy or start your own project with any programming language.

Open source

Hybrid Play is an open project. All hardware schematics, software and documentation will be available to anybody wanting to create their own project.