Designing the sensor Hybrid Play

Joan Rojeski’s design studio faced the challenge of shaping a project that we had been building for years. We went to Joan Rojeski Studio needing to find a solution to the biggest problem we had from the very beginning: the placement in different elements of the park. Hybrid Play had to be placed anywhere a child could imagine while playing different games in the park. Years of thorough testing showed that the system demanded a simple, understandable, versatile and above all universal solution. So bearing those needs in mind the design project began.

The fact that Hybrid Play were in testing phase for quite some time was a bonus that facilitated the beginning of the conceptual phase considerably. That previous experience allowed the design studio to easily gather tons of valuable feedback, collecting essential data to move forward into a prototype.

The design process that Joan Rojeski followed relied on empirical work, an approach that remained an important part during the project. Clips, vents, rope, tape, velcro… all kinds of accessories and anchoring junction were considered through the conceptual phase. In this way we could study, together with the design team, as the children interacted with the various accessories in their favorite play places: the parks. Every decision we made and tested was supported by prototypes, that must be adapted to the strength and dimensions of children, but also for the elderly. After several iterations with the clip system and dimensional adjustments, we finally found a balanced solution, suitable for our starting investment in the project.

The five keys to Hybrid Play’s design

  • Placement versatility in diverse playground equipment
  • Provide intuitive and easy grip with a single system or solution
  • Appearance suitable game for kids and adults, with customization capabilities
  • Compact unit without accessory parts, and weather-resistant materials selection
  • Simple design adapted to production from a single mold

Posted by: Clara Boj