Hi everyone!

Hi everyone!

Finally, it’s time to introduce you to Hybrid Play. It’s been more than 6 years of work to get where we are today, a new phase that we start full of enthusiasm, looking forward to show a new way of playing worldwide. Our project, the same that we want to make yours, has many cornerstones. Firstly, we want to combine the benefits of traditional outdoor playing, with the ones provided by videogames. We have blended the two approaches and taken them into the streets, ready to recover the urban spaces. Secondly, promote logical thinking and creativity, allowing kids to create their own (video)games with tools within their reach. Last but not least, we wanted to create a fun and rewarding experience, which will additionally provide benefits in a communicative and social level. All in all, Hybrid Play it’s about PLAYING.

From now on we’ll share news, thoughts and games, even your own games! Soon we’ll have the opportunity to meet at Castellón, Barcelona or even at Athens (Greece), where we’ll attend many different events accompanied by our Hybrid Play stuff. Don’t get too far, we have a lot to talk about. See ya!


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